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Promoting entrepreneurship is our mission.

Entrepreneurs have the creativity, ingenuity, determination, and audacity to change the world. Not by word, but by thought and action, founders everywhere are taking risks to create new products and build companies that enhance our communities, fuel our economies, and enable us to make a shift to the next phase of evolution as a global society. The very technologies that once separated us are now bringing us closer together online and offline.  FounderLY showcases authentic stories of the individuals who are forging this new renaissance of entrepreneurship and innovation.

FounderLY is committed to promoting entrepreneurship by way of sharing startup founder stories. Launching FounderLY has been a labor of love for our team. We want to help fellow entrepreneurs get the word out so that audiences can hear their stories, be inspired, and learn more about entrepreneurship. We’re friends of founders, rooting for their success. Our platform enables founders to share their vision and generate more awareness in the marketplace for their startups.


The Characters


The Optimist
Matthew Wise cofounded FounderLY as a way of giving back to the entrepreneur and open source communities. He is a closet chef, and (more recently) a hack documentary filmmaker. He has been involved in the startup space since 2004 when he moved to the Bay Area to attend grad school at Berkeley where he caught the proverbial entrepreneurial itch. He launched a startup out of law school and has never looked back. He is a world traveler, film aficionado, and someone who deeply appreciates design, ingenuity, and building things. He currently works as cofounder of Cosemble. Previously he served as a Naval Corpsman (combat medic) with the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force. BA, UC San Diego. JD, Berkeley.

The Producer
Tony Chen is a founding team member of FounderLY. He works as a freelance photographer, filmmaker, visual effects and post-production manager. He oversees all aspects of photography, video production, and programming of our founder stories, rendering them with good picture and sound quality, which is no small feat given that we shot all of our footage using a $200 camera. He enjoys visual arts, capturing unique moments with his camera, spending time with his girlfriend and family, and eating local Chinese cuisine. BFA in Visual Effects, San Francisco Academy of Art University.

Everyone wins.

We empower founders to share the stories behind their startups through short form interviews (15 min length) conducted by fellow founders.  Inspired by legendary filmmaker Errol Morris, FounderLY films its founder stories documentary style where the interviewer is behind the camera asking questions and the founder is in front of the camera sharing the story. We hope audiences feel invigorated and inspired after watching our films.

We built FounderLY with the conviction that free knowledge empowers entrepreneurs and those who dare to change the world. We hope you will join our community and contribute your knowledge and feedback to help us achieve this mission. This site launched in April 2011 as a collaborative open source media project.  We would love to hear from you, especially if you have new ideas to share. Thank you!


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